Revolutionizing the online experience for MeDusch with a modern web store and effective marketing strategies.

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Project Details

For MeDusch, a company led by Jacqueline Torres Martinez and specializing in innovative shower foam products, TR3NDWORKS completely redesigned the existing webshop and migrated it to the Shopify platform. 

The new web store offers improved features, including a bonus system, automatic e-mails and discount promotions.

Additionally, TR3NDWORKS helped MeDusch create Facebook Ads and user-generated content to better position the company online.

Our approach

When working with MeDusch, we focused on a comprehensive approach that covered both technical and marketing aspects to maximize the company's success. Here are the expanded focus areas of our approach:

  • Ease of use:
    Our main goal was to design an appealing and user-friendly web store that would improve the customer's shopping experience, thus increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rate.


  • Effective bonus and discount system:
    We have developed and implemented an attractive and easy-to-understand bonus system to promote customer retention and loyalty and build long-term business relationships.


  • Automatisierung:
    To reduce the administrative burden on the company while ensuring fast and effective communication with customers, we set up automated emails and discount promotions.


  • Targeted online marketing:
    We helped MeDusch create and implement targeted Facebook Ads to increase the company's visibility and reach, thus expanding its customer base.


  • Promote user-generated content:
    To build trust in the MeDusch brand and improve its online presence, we developed strategies to collect authentic content from customers and present it on various platforms.


  • Responsive Design:
    We made sure that the new web store is optimally displayed on all devices and screen sizes to ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience for all customers.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    We optimized the webshop for better findability in search engines to increase organic traffic and improve MeDusch's online presence.


  • Analysis and optimization:
    By continuously monitoring performance and customer interactions, we have regularly adjusted and optimized the web store and marketing strategies to achieve the best possible results.