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High-horsepower film productions with style - Drift Studios gets a dynamic and modern online presence.

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Project Details

TR3NDWORKS worked closely with Drift Studios to create a modern and engaging website that showcases Enes Talan's stunning video productions. 

Our goal was to highlight the cooperation with renowned companies such as Lamborghini, Auto Zitzmann and Brabus, while at the same time showcasing the variety of services we offer.

Our approach

We focused on creating a visually appealing website that would showcase Drift Studios' work in a meaningful way and highlight its collaborations with renowned automotive manufacturers. The five key areas that were particularly important to us during the project are:

  • Modern design:
    We developed a fresh and contemporary web design that reflects the creativity and style of Drift Studios.

  • Meaningful representation:
    The website impressively shows the impressive video productions and the cooperation with renowned automotive companies.

  • Clear navigation:
    We designed the navigation to be clear and simple to give visitors quick access to relevant information.

  • Responsive Design:
    We made sure the site worked optimally on all devices and screen sizes to provide a consistent user experience.

  • Portfolio-Integration:
    We integrated an extensive portfolio to highlight the diversity and quality of Drift Studios' projects and offer potential clients a glimpse into the studio's work.